Crimes Against Gratitude

by Big Dopes

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track 2 written by Eddie Schmid / Justin Catanzaro
track 6 written by Schmid / Catanzaro / Ricky Brewer
all other tracks written by Eddie Schmid


released August 23, 2019

Eddie Schmid — lead vocals, guitar, various mouth sounds
Justin Catanzaro — bass, additional guitars on 6, 7, 9; mandolin on 10; kazoo on 7
Ricky Brewer — drums, backing vocals, additional guitars on 3, auxiliary percussion, melodica on 10; handclaps

Paul Simmons — violin on 5, 8; synth on 1, 4, 7, 8; handclaps
Lela Roy — backing vocals on tracks 1, 3, 6, 10; disarmingly lifelike birdcalls track 10
Josh Fuson — auxiliary percussion on 4, 5, 6, 10
Erica Bisbey — piano on 1, 3
Ilya Litoshik — acoustic guitar on 10
Ramel Sanchez — guitar on 4
Andres Diaz — backing vocals on 4

mixed, recorded and engineered by Paul Simmons
additional recording and mixing on track 2 by Ricky Brewer
mastered by Colin Bricker at Mighty Fine Productions
album art design by John Treash
album cover photo by Kyle Cooper
back cover copy by Dylan Owens


all rights reserved



Big Dopes Denver, Colorado

Big Dopes' loose, lighthearted feel evokes 90s alternative and indie. Lead songwriter Eddie Schmid uses a playful, conversational vocal style to sing through neuroses about long-distance relationships, being a houseguest, and wasting money on shitty headphones. Ricky Brewer (drums) and Justin Catanzaro (bass) lend vibrant, dynamic rhythms, and Paul Simmons adds colorful violin, guitar, and synth. ... more

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Track Name: Worship U
i wanna say i worship you, but i don’t
i wanna say i’ll be there at noon, but i won’t
and tho the truth is making you cry
it’s better than living the lie.
i wanna say i worship you
but i don’t

spent twice a week in the verse buying time
thinking that a new combination of words might change my mind
but you can’t force a feeling where it don’t exist
and say you’re happy even though i got the order wrong

i wanna say i worship you but i don’t

because the moon is yanking the tide
and i don’t have the cheat code for infinite lives
i wanna say i worship you
but i don’t.
Track Name: Don't Get Up
i still remember your bad breath
dollar store cologne
stuck on every towel i own.
broke the cardinal rule for guests
learn to leave the host alone
and put back your dishes when done
but you don’t have to get up -
i’m not leaving yet.

i can tell you’re unimpressed
your face doesn’t match your tone
what do people do here for fun?
let’s go walking on broadway.
maybe skip to the sticks yeah
where i can flip my shit in peace
oh let me flip my shit in peace
flip my shit

you don’t gotta talk tough
we’re all friends here
or that was the impression i got.

i wasted 25 bucks
on these bogus headphones
and they’re cheaper to replace than repair

you don’t have to get up. i’m not leaving yet.

i'm not leaving
(just keep breathing)
Track Name: Neurotic Generosity
the living room doesn’t have a couch
we’re opening bottles with our mouths
come by!
say hi!

ask someone once and they refuse,
the second time they’re in debt to you
that’s fine!
next time!

please don’t kill us with your kindness
it’s unnecessary mary if we’re takin up your me time

argue logistics with your dad
he doesn’t have faith in google maps
we just gotta keep the clan together

mom has a suit laid out for me
wants me to shave until i bleed
and who am i to tell her no?
no no nuh no no no

sleeping with the tent flap open then i’m
pissin at a howard johnson
50 points for being honest
minus 10 for being rude
nursing a grudge you made in college
you’ll feel about 30 ticks better if you just let it go
Track Name: Babie Ruth
i know you would like to go back to school
but it can wait another year
because babie ruth
you’re getting long in the tooth
and now you’re missus belvedere
oh your daddy said trust your instincts
as he’s licking champagne off the floor
when did your grass get so green
your paper won’t guarantee more
in beirut
you got a view from the roof
but you only see the embassy
listen if i were you
i’d quit sniffing the glue
he’s a walking hysterectomy
oh we used to jam for hours in your basement
and now we rent studio time.
oh you’re so high in your tree babe
still you keep on pining for more

i know you would like to go back to school
take it from your lips to the lords ears
but listen babie ruth, you’re getting long in the tooth
and you can’t afford those new veneers
Track Name: Automatic Roof
once there was an automatic roof
we had a captive audience to lose
now that the onus is off us
i sense your lack of urgency to move

and i won’t be taking questions after the game

ever since the wires got uncrossed
i’ve taken stock of all the sunken costs
i left my floral print bathing suit with you
thinkin it be just a week or two

and now i’m swimming with my eyes clothes
i’m skinny dipping
Track Name: Missed Exit (Shah)
it was this grey sunday in detroit
we missed our exit
but the highway was deserted
so we pulled into reverse
for about a quarter mile
and went on our merry way.
Track Name: Shoulder Chips
in the bathroom getting stoned, with a doctor of the law
the captain’s ricocheting like a racquetball
it was Tommy Boy at first, equal access to the floor
then turned to dostoyevsky when i pressed record

oh if i can, you can too
i turned a penny to a nickel that i can’t afford to lose

i’ve got an armchair diagnosis about why you’re so desperate to be in charge
braggin bout the values of your baseball cards
your daddy plucks his eyebrows then i watch you do the same
your mother always called you by your brother’s name

oh if you can, i can too
after some time i find, that’s not exactly true
should i be so glad that i’m not you?
without the hammer and the sickle can i safely call you friend?
Track Name: Lazy Jane
they say less is more my dear
i don’t know.
it’d be good for your career
to go slow.
but it’s the last time, lazy jane

you said i wouldn’t like the beer in tokyo
but the swill will disappear the more you drink it

oh i loved it when you called me out
at steppenwolf i ran my mouth
about how the actors weren’t convincing
and the plot was too slow

but it’s the last time, lazy jane

we need more time
face to face.
Track Name: Mia
mia doesn’t wanna wait.
see ya Sovereign at 8
well it takes a little planning for the fun
and if it weren’t for me then nothin would get done

we love the smell of gasoline yeah!
click flame, light and walk away
well you make a four leaf clover with your tongue
take the over
save it up for a new years resolution

i’m caught in a wave
butterflying for miles
butterflying for my home oh yeah

i know that i’m preaching to the choir
but sometimes the choir needs reminders
and lord knows that i do.
i know that i do

mia, it’s all about mia
Track Name: Song of the Summer
blooming sky
rain like wine
drop a shadow
on a retail morning.
it’s better than nothing
when she goes away
it’s the song of the summer.

who’s getting high?
can we drop by
don’t have cash tho
can someone spot me?
bubbles poppin
when i hear ricky say
it’s the song of the summer

no need to hurry

it’s the song of the summer

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